Welcome to Glisten


To develop and orientate the child’s mind towards productivity and to be of value to themselves, their immediate society and the world at large.


To raise Nation-Builders that will influence our Socio-Cultural values in a positive way through service, Commitment and selflessness.

Our Added Values

Empowering future innovators: At Glisten, we are a ICT-focused school and stands at the forefront of education, sculpting the next generation with cutting-edge 21st-century skills. From the fascinating realms of robotics and artificial intelligence to the mastery of computational thinking, we go beyond traditional boundaries.
Our commitment extends to the practical application of technovocational skills, ensuring our students not only understand the digital landscape but also thrive in it. Join us on a journey where curiosity meets capability, and together, we redefine what's possible in the dynamic world of technology and innovation.

Robotics Education

We provide all students the opportunity to explore, create, and innovate using robotics technology as a means to stimulate student interest and involvement in STEM.

Sensorial Activities

Engage the senses and ignite curiosity with our dynamic sensorial activities, where students explore, experiment, and discover the world through hands-on experiences

CODING & PROGRAMMING (Computational Thinking)

At Glisten, we cultivate a transformative learning experience in coding, programming, and computational thinking.

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