The resumption date is always written on the students’ ‘exeat card’ and a follow up SMS to all boarding students as a reminder.

On the resumption day, the following process ensures





  • We have hostels for boys and girls respectively. The Boarding House Manager and the assistant are in charge of this.
  • Each room in the hostel accommodates eight (8) students with wardrobes, two fans and a functional air conditioner.
  • In each hostel we have common rooms for students’ relaxation, especially during the weekends.
  • We also have toilets and bathrooms allotted to each room.
  • A room inventory form is given to each room to indicate both serviceable and unserviceable facilities in their room.
  • The forms are submitted to the maintenance officer for work to commence.


We feed our students well with balance diet.

  • Three main meals

Break fast



  • Two minor meals

Sevenses- before they go to school.

Night cap- before they go to bed.

  • They also go to tuck-shop twice in a week
  • No provision is allowed
  • It may interest you that in Glisten, students are part of the menu planning committee


  • We engage and monitor the students during night prep and assist them in their academic works.
  • ‘Operation Show your Note’ is conducted to ensure the students notes are complete.
  • In addition to this, we run a consolidation program (Academic Clinic) for the students to catch up in their academics.
  • We organize essay competition, quiz, talk show and debate to boost up our students’ spoken English as well as their skill in creativity.



  • Our school clinic operates 24hours daily with three professional health workers (nurses) and a visiting doctor who comes twice in a week.
  • We also have a retainership with Cairo Rehabilitation Centre (Hospital) Garki, Abuja.
  • Our hostel environment is fumigated regularly and we installed health management equipment and gadgets examples : thermometers, humidifiers, hand sanitizers etc.
  • Our health workers read and record our students’ temperature almost on daily basis to ensure healthy living and determine their change in temperature.
  • In case of emergency, we do not hesitate to communicate with the parents before the sick student is taken to the hospital.



The students are allowed to worship in their various worship centres.

  • Muslim students worship in the mosque and have their islamiyya classes during the weekends.
  • Christian students worship in the chapel on Sundays and have their fellowship on Fridays.



  • Students do their laundry, make their beds and do their morning duties.
  • They also keep the hostel neat and clean during the hostel inspections on weekends.
  • The students in the neatest rooms are motivated with ‘Heroic Tickets’ and are allowed to do extra shopping in the tuck-shop.



We engage our students in various sporting activities such as:

  • Football
  • Basket ball
  • Handball
  • Table tennis
  • Skating
  • Indoor games- ludo, snake and ladder, monopoly, card games etc.



  • Parents are allowed to visit their children in the Boarding House every last Saturdays of the months.
  • However, parents who are living outside Abuja metropolis are allowed to communicate with their children through an official school phone, forth nightly (on Saturdays only) from 4pm-6pm.




  • Our students voice count therefore we involve them in making rules and regulations.
  • They also suggest sanctions for the defaulters.



  • On the vacation days, parents and guardians come to sign their children out.
  • The Boarding House Manager signs the exeat card and hand them to the form teachers.
  • The parents collect their children’s exeat card from the form teachers and present such to the security at the school gate on departure.


In Glisten Boarding House, there is no dull moment.

Thank you.

Glisten cares.





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